NOTE: This page will be deleted before final submission. I created this page to help with coordinating group tasks, because it seems with need help with that and collaboration is the strength of using wikis. Please update accordingly so that we're all on the same page. I know we'll be adding across all topics and not restricted to one area, but as long as one person is in charge of making sure their part is covered (no matter who covers it), then we won't have any missing concepts. Is this a good plan?

I've gathered as best as I can what people wanted to be responsible for on the wiki (as posted on our Discussion Page on eCampus). Please change as needed.

  • Abbey - Rural practice
  • Kellie S. - Graphics, clip-art
  • Victoria - References
  • Bethany - Ethical considerations
  • Kelli M. - Principles/theories since these were already done by others, I'll work on the Chapter concepts.
  • David - Graphics, clip-art

Here's what else needs to be covered (as I understand it):
  • Explanation of Ch. 6's main concepts (p. 131-162) Could pages be broken up among group members? Maybe Kellie S. and David would be willing to work towards this piece?

Note from Debra:
Treat the wiki like you would a critique in terms of explaining the concepts by using both the chapter and outside sources to demonstrate an understanding of the concept, but instead of writing it like a paper, break it down into easily navigable sections (bullets, highlighted vocabulary, etc...). Also be creative by using alternative ways (quizzes, graphics, youtube videos, hyperlinks, etc...) to inform the group about what you've learned.