Understanding Individual Motivation is largely based in theory, so it is explored in the Principles and Theories section.

Other Factors that Affect Job Performance:
  • Influence of the Workgroup - attitudes, behaviors, and group pressure affect work performance and interactions with other workers, groups, supervisors and subordinates (Weinbach, 2008, p.142).

Supporting Staff Growth:

  • Growth through Supervision
      • In a recent study social workers reported "they only sometimes have supervision" and "there is also less supervision in current jobs than in past jobs, indicating that supervision tapers off over time" (DiFrank, 2008, p. 172).
    • Supervisory Roles and Responsibilites
    • Attributes of Good Supervision
      • "Nearly 80 percent of social workers believe they value their work more when they have supervisory feedback" (DiFrank, 2008, p. 172).
    • Alternative Supervisory Model
  • Growth through Continuing Education
    • Options for Providing Continuing Education
      1. Training
      2. Education
      3. Staff Developement
    • Options for Providing Continuing Education
Agency Staff
      • Accessibility to staff
      • Individualized attention
      • Choice of trainer
      • Trust
      1. Private Contractors and Larger Continuing Education Programs
      2. Other Social Work Academic Programs
      3. Other College/University Units
    • Agreements for Providing Continuing Education
      1. Consultation Agreements
      2. Grants
      3. Contracts

Article: Job Enrichment by Dave F.