​ Group III

Chapter 6

Promoting a Productive Work Environment

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Organizations are made up of all types of people that are influence by their: demographics, education, credentials, and life experiences. Each staff member brings something unique to the work environment. However, at work, much of what people do and how they do it is shaped by the work environment. Managers of the organization should, “assume an active role in shaping the work environment,” so that changes are in harmony with the goals of the organization and the needs of the clients it serves (Weinbach, 2008, p.131).

 By artzeechris  @ photobucket.com
By artzeechris @ photobucket.com

This chapter addresses the following questions:

  • What is needed to increase productivity among staff?
  • What is needed for clients to receive quality services?

  • What are the characteristics of good workers?
  • How do managers influence the work environment?
  • What management styles works best in certain organizational cultures?

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